Allan Banford

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Signature Wine Series

The Allan Banford “Signature Wine Series” brings to you a unique combination of wines curated by Francisco Montenegro a passionate wine connoisseur who has created the best wines at his family vineyards in Chile alongside advising the most important wineries in Australia and New Zealand.

Launched in collaboration with the exclusive private network “The Rose Rituals” from the young entrepreneur Lois Lai, a community for people who are passionate about art, lifestyle, connections, and growth.

The Serie features award-winning and international multidisciplinary artist Allan Banford and his concept of constant creative evolution, revealing an inseparable relationship between perception and taste, producing a fusion that captivates the aromas, notes, colors, and infusions of his global influences on a limited edition, exceptionally crafted wines selection.


This red blend features a deep red loam, aromas, and flavors of red cherries, soft notes of sweet blond tobacco, white pepper, and a full-bodied and well-balanced velvety texture with exquisite tannins. mature. This blend comes from the Colchagua Valley, the best valley to produce this type of wine in Chile.


With a sophisticated maturation in the bottle and a great finish, this Extra Brut is a bright wine with a velvety flavor and fresh surfaces with a creamy and sparkling touch. It obtained a Silver Medal in the Effervescent du Monde contest in France, among 6,300 participating labels.


This Sauvignon Blanc was harvested in the Awatere and Wairau Valleys, located in Marlborough, New Zealand, where the world’s best Sauvignon Blancs come from. Its nose has notes of currants, passion fruit, hints of citrus, and aromas of green herbs.


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